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Training: The Key to Acting Success

Training: The Key to Acting Success: If you don’t audition with strength, creativity and confidence, you won’t work as an actor. It’s straight forward! 

Auditioning requires a different skill set than acting. It is similar to acting, though, in the fact that you have to stay in shape to be ready for your opportunities. In this highly competitive field, the jobs go to those who are working with the sharpest skill set. Class is one way to stay in shape and to grow stronger. 

An audition is the job interview – not the job. Many actors have a method or technique that they’ve learned for acting, but as noted above, auditioning and acting do differ in many ways, so it is essential to have a technique exclusively for audition. I know that there are many classes that offer critiques of the actor’s work, but don’t teach a technique that the actor can take with them and apply to their future auditions. 

You work alone when you are preparing for an audition and need a technique that guides you through the process and allows you to access the most interesting intents, relationships, and choices that you have to offer the role. You need exercises to incorporate into your process to keep it fresh and alive and fun – exercises that increase your presence, improve your listening and expand your range. This is what a true audition class will do for you. It will give you a way to help you help yourself be the strongest and most interesting person auditioning for the role.

In my audition class, you’ll work in every class, as well as receive feedback from me or guest casting directors. The environment is always safe, inclusive and fun!

In addition to focusing on the creative and technical side of auditioning, we will also spend time  on the business side of the industry. This can include information on how to find auditions, how to create a strong resume and headshot, and how to impress agents and managers. This knowledge can be invaluable  as it can help you navigate the industry and avoid costly mistakes.

Before taking a class – do your research. Find out if the class has different levels, if it specializes in TV/Film, commercials, or stage. And who is the teacher, what is their background, and are they in a good position to help you achieve your goals?

Audition classes can be a valuable tool for actors of all levels to help them develop and maintain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in this competitive business of acting. Make sure you choose the one that fits your needs and that you feel will give you a way of working that will enable you to compete and win the role.