Auditions for Netflix vs Auditions for Disney: It’s important to know the tone of the show you’re auditioning for. There are so many genres these days and each one has a different mood, pace, rhythm, look and feel.

Sometimes the network that the show is on can give you a clue as well. So, what is the difference between Netflix auditions for Disney auditions?

Netflix Auditions. Auditions for Netflix
Netflix Auditions. Auditions for Netflix

Disney auditions can have a specific tone depending on which part of Disney oversees the show. Disney channel shows are for kids and tend to be very broadly played. Dialogue is simpler and comedic timing is essential.

Disney plus auditions are different as these programs tend to be more geared toward an adult audience, these auditions require a bit more skill and subtlety. Marvel, which is owned by Disney, makes intensity and movement most important.

Disney Auditions. Auditions for Disney
Disney Auditions. Auditions for Disney

Netflix auditions are harder to generalize as the network carries so many different genres of shows from drama to comedy to horror to fantasy etc.

One of the key differences in Disney auditions and Netflix auditions is that for Netflix you need to deal with each show individually. 

It’s important to do your research of Auditions for Netflix vs Auditions for Disney and know the show you are auditioning for. And whether you have an  Netflix audition or a Disney audition it will all come down to who has the best understanding of the material and who delivers it the best.

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