About Craig

Backstage award winner for favorite audition teacher, Craig Wallace created ‘The Wallace Audition Technique’ 17 years ago to give actors the skills and confidence to be at their job getting best in every audition.

Before he began teaching Craig held a variety of positions in the entertainment industry. The knowledge and experience he gained from each of these jobs became the cornerstone of The Wallace Audition Technique.

As a development executive at both United Artists and Universal Studios, Craig read and analyzed thousands of film and television scripts, developing and honing the ability to breakdown scripts and scenes quickly and creatively. During his tenure as Director of New Talent Development at Quantum Media, Craig saw again and again what separated the actors whose talent, skill and charisma made them undeniable from the rest of the pack.

It was while working at one of the top talent agencies in Los Angeles that Craig started to think about teaching. He saw how important it was for actors to have a strong and dependable technique to guide them through the entire audition process and felt that he had the hands on industry experience that could create just that technique. So, drawing on his work in script development, talent development, his time at the agency, and with additional input from his casting, producing and agent friends, The Wallace Audition Technique was born.

Chief among the guiding principles of The Wallace Audition Technique is Craig’s commitment to personal attention.

He knew from the start that in order for his technique to work for each individual, he would have to keep his classes small so he had the time to tailor his teaching to the specific needs of each student. His first class consisted of nine actors, and since then he has never taken more students than that in any of his classes.

Fifteen years later, over a thousand actors have taken Wallace Audition Technique classes and many have gone on to highly successful careers in TV, film and commercials.

The classes have grown in scope and depth over the years. There are now three different levels of classes that are offered, as well as a meditation for actor’s class. Craig has also incorporated his “Actors Emotional Survival Guide,” and “Acting 24/7” programs into the different levels of classes to address the entire life of the actor, and is using his mindfulness breathing and concentration techniques to increase focus and decrease nerves.

Craig has also recently created a text based scene study class that is  revolutionizing how acting classes are taught and is finally getting L.A. actors up to speed so that they can compete in the global market.

Craig has become a sought after lecturer and has done talks and workshops at numerous universities, bookstores and actor’s organizations around the world. He has also coached people from a wide variety of professions on how to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

He is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Best of You – Winning Auditions Your Way.”

Craig Wallace
“In 2015 Craig created the Dynamic Being Curriculum to ensure that today’s auditioning actor has all the tools they need book the job in the most competitive and creatively rich casting environment ever.”