Industry Professional

It’s one thing to know how to be talented and know how to act, but it’s another thing entirely to be an industry professional. 

The first way that you show the powers that be that you’re an industry professional is in how you audition.

The audition is the job interview, not the job, and because of that you need to show them that you have all of the skills to do the job.

They will be looking closely to see who you are and what you have to offer the role that no one else does, as well as how you listen and react, your level of confidence and your personality. 

Also, they will adjust and redirect you to make sure that you can take direction.

Talent alone does not make an industry professional.

In order to work in Hollywood, you have to be the whole package: talented, smart, aware, flexible, focused and fun to be around. And it all starts with the audition.

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