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“Craig helped me discover and hone a personal work process and taught me how to navigate and enjoy living the life of the artist. Thank you!“

– Elizabeth Anweis

“Batwoman – Catherine Hamilton-Kane”
“From Scratch”, “Westworld”,”The Ghost”

“In Craig I found a teacher and a technique that demystified the audition process and allowed me to be the actor I always knew I could be! He is one of the finest teacher and this is one of the best acting classes you’ll ever experience.“


“Days of our Lives”,
“N.C.I.S.”, “Ford v. Ferrari”

“Craig restored my confidence and reinvigorated my enthusiasm for auditioning. He helps you quickly identify and work through what’s holding you back using a clear, specific technique. I booked 4 jobs after the first 6 week class!”


“True Blood”,
“The Bronze”, “Chicago Med”

“I came out of a 2 year acting program having learned nothing about how to get a job. Since taking Craig’s class, my confidence has soared along with my bookings!”


“Shameless”, “Baskets”

“Craig has changed my life, both professionally and personally. His class and his technique offer you a safe space to explore and expand your limits. You’ll learn how to go further in your auditions than you ever thought possible.”


“Our Brand Is Crisis”,
“Law & Order: The Menendez Killings”, “Hawaii 50”

Wallace Audition Technique:
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Most Important Things to Know

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Classes – Title


Wallace Audition Technique Curriculum – 3 levels of classes to make sure you’re the confident, creative actor who books the job!

Private Foundation Classes – Title


Private Foundation Classes – Info

It’s time to learn auditioning with the intensity of the actual audition – free from the distractions that a zoom class can present.

That is why I am going to offer only private Foundation Classes.

Over the years, students in my classes have booked over 1500 professional jobs. Just think of the results we’ll get working one on one!

  • The “most successful audition technique in Los Angeles” will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Together, we will address and eliminate your weaknesses and have you working strength to strength.
  • We will work until we uncover your edge – the quality that breaks you out from the pack.
  • Class is taught on your schedule.

  • No more wasting time and money – discover the lifelong value of having your own personal audition technique.

The class will consist of four 2 hour sessions. 

You will have homework and pieces to prepare in between sessions.
Because I am an advocate of meeting each student where they are,  each session will be tailored to your specific needs.

Only four Private Foundation Class spots available before Summer! If you feel it is your time, and you’re ready to get serious, let’s get started!

Contact for availability.


Online via Zoom

Time and Date

TBD by you and me.



1. Tell Us About Yourself*





    Tell us your history as an actor and an auditioner

    What do you hope to gain from taking this class?

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    Full Payment $550

    Deposit $200

    Balance $350

    Master Class – Title


    Master Class – Info

    Now that everyone has come through the Foundation Class, it’s time to come together as a group. We’ll deepen the audition work, grow artistically and learn from each other. 

    Following is a breakdown of some of the topics we’ll be addressing and working on in the Master Class. There is more than just this list – ultimately, we will do what will help the actors in each specific class learn and grow! 

    TEXT WORK: The Master Class will start with 2 weeks of text analysis. You will learn how to become an expert text detective by using the text investigation system I created from time spent in script development and my experience of working with award winning screenwriters. This work will give you a huge edge in your auditions!

    ENERGY: Your personal energy is your most defining characteristic.  The tension of the audition can freeze your energy, resulting in a stiff “neck up” audition. Using body positioning, breath exercises and other tools, we’ll give you access to your most powerful asset.

    DEEP LISTENING: We will be working on the formula of listen – react – respond and deepening your ability to relax, connect with power and intensity, and truly live in your reactive moments.

    IMAGINATION: When your imagination is alive, you are at your most creative and unique. Using writing exercises, role play, meditation and storytelling, you will learn how to harness the most creative part of your brain. The decisions that you will then bring to your auditions will be expansive and fascinating! 

    GENRE: We will study the many genres of current programs and films in order to find the energy that drives each and the requirements of the specific roles within the genres.


    Online via Zoom

    Time and Date

    Wednesday, January 10, 2024
    7:00pm – 10:00pm


    $600 (8 Weeks)
    $500 (6 Weeks)


    6 or 8 Weeks


    Send email


    Full Payment $600 (8 week)

    Deposit $200 (8 week)

    Balance $400 (8 week)

    6 week class $500

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    The Complete Actor Private Class – Title

    The Complete Actor Private Class

    The Complete Actor Private Class – Info

    This is where we bring art and commerce together to help you create a successful, lifelong career.

    As an actor you are in business for yourself. And like any solopreneur, you must keep all sides of your business focused and running smoothly, – all the time keeping your skills as an actor and auditioner growing and thriving.

    It can be a lot to handle.

    • We will find a vision for your business that will keep you focused and motivated.

    • Working one on one, we will identify the core values that guide your business, your art and your life.

    • You will learn the defining characteristics of your singular artistic mission.

    • Together we will uncover the qualities that you and only you bring to the marketplace.
    • We will dive deeper in to your auditioning so that all your skills are sharp and you’re prepared for the wonderful opportunities you will be creating.

    • You will learn how to prioritize your time so that you are living a creatively focused life.

    • At the end of the class, you will have a creative business plan that will keep you focused, energized, clear and ready!

    Only four Private Foundation Class spots available before Summer! If you feel it is your time, and you’re ready to get serious, let’s get started!

    Contact for availability.


    Online via Zoom

    Time and Date

    TBD by you and me.




    Send email


    Full Payment $550

    Deposit $200

    Balance $350

    One On One – Info

    No, You don’t have to go it alone! Help is here to make you the best and brightest in your next audition.

    Private Coaching

    Want some help trying to figure out
    how to navigate
    this crazy business?

    Career Consultation

    4 Week Drill/Self-Tape Feedback Class

    In this class you will submit one self tape a week.

    4 Week Self-Tape Feedback Class

    Scene Study – Banner

    Finally, a scene study class
    where you actually study!

    Scene Study Class – Info

    Craig’s game changing scene study class is the perfect combination of script analysis and performance.

    Armed with full knowledge of the text and the writer’s intentions from the text analysis work, you’ll then learn how to relax the mind and create from the body, the breath and the heart.

    Through this process you’ll be able to access the deepest emotional connections between you and the character.

    Come and feel what it’s like to be the actor you always knew you could be in one of the best acting classes in L.A.!


    Outdoors (until further notice)

    Time and Date



    $300 for the first month
    $250 thereafter




    This is an ongoing class. Send email for the next opportunity to join.


    First Payment $300

    Ongoing Class $250

    The Book – Title

    The Book

    Craig’s best selling book, “The Best Of You – Winning Auditions Your Way“,
    has helped thousands of actors conquer their fear of auditioning and compete with the best!

    The Book – Info

    Craig Wallace’s Book:

    “The Best of You –
    Winning Auditions Your Way”

    Is now available:

    Price: $18.95
    (U.S. – $4.05 Shipping Fee)

    Price: $18.95
    (International – $10.05 Shipping Fee)

    PDF eBooks – Title

    PDF eBooks

    A newly updated compilation of Craig’s articles that originally appeared in Backstage as well as publications dating from 2012-2017.

    PDF eBooks – Info

    PDF eBook - Life Of The Actor And Meditation

    “Life of the Actor
    and Meditation”

    Is now available:

    Price: $5.99
    (PDF eBook – digital/sent per email)

    PDF eBook - How to Prepare the Material and Shine in the Room!

    “How to Prepare the Material and Shine in the Room!”

    Is now available:

    Price: $5.99
    (PDF eBook – digital/sent per email)

    What Readers are Saying – Title


    What Readers are Saying – Info

    “This book is both revolutionary in its approach and a total revelation. It defies everything you think you know about “what they are looking for.” Instead Craig gives you the tools to show them what they actually want to see: you. This book has the potential to change the direction of your career—upwards!”

    Steven Schub


    “Craig’s unique audition technique has been empowering actors for years. What has proven so enormously effective in his classes and workshops is now available to all students of the performing arts. An actor must have the confidence to ace the audition and create positive and lasting relationships with casting directors, producers, and directors. Craig’s masterful book delivers the goods on how to do just that!”

    Brad Lemack

    “The Business of Acting”

    “Straight forward and exceedingly useful – this book could immediately improve an actor’s audition technique. Wallace’s insight comes through.”

    Jackie Apodaca

    “I wish every actor who auditioned for me would read this book. Craig’s no-nonsense approach and love for actors shines through every page of this practical and concise guide to auditioning for the camera. It might also be the most fun you’ve had learning how to get a job!”

    Gayle Keller

    Casting Director
    “The Big Sick”,
    “What We Do In The Shadows”

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    Download Craig’s
    Meditation for Artists MP3

    Meditation for Actors – MP3

    Free Download

    “Meditation For Artists”
    (Audio File)

    Contains an introduction and 5 meditations.


    Windows Media Player, VLC media player, Apple iTunes, a similar software to reproduce MP3 files or a compatible web browser to play the audio file directly.


    1) Introduction: 0-5:10
    2) Finding your home breath: 5:21-9:20
    3) The Body: 9:24-19:52
    4) Letting Go: 19:59-25:00
    5) Finding Your Refuge: 25:05-28:10
    6) Staying Strong: 28:14-32:47


    Click Here

    Size: 78.6 MB
    Format: .MP3

    Latest Articles – Title

    Latest Articles

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