The Callback

The Callback – There are levels to the audition process. First is the pre-read.

This is where you read for the casting director only. The casting director watching your self-tape is the same thing. The callback is then given to those actors who the casting director feels can truly book the role. 

The callback will usually include others from the project: producers, director, network or studio executive, or some combination thereof. Your job is to do the audition that you did in the pre=read with the same energy and commitment.

Don’t try to push to make the callback “better” than the pre=read. You will wind up making yourself nervous and pushing. The callback is simply the same as the first audition with more people watching.

In order to get the callback, your initial audition has to have all of the components that show you are ready to go to work. If that is the case, you will get the opportunity, through the callback to show your readiness to the people who can actually hire you.

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