8 Week Class Summary – Title

8-Week Class Summary

These 8 weeks are a career changing experience that will connect you to your body, open your heart, and give you the technical know-how to be the actor that is impossible to deny.

8 Week Class Summary – Info

Week 1: Your audition preparation needs to begin with a calm mind, a relaxed, energized body and an open heart. In week 1 you’ll start the process that will allow you to get you out of your head so that you can connect to the feelings and emotions that will lead you to interesting, driving intentions and deeply personal relationships.

Week 2: Specificity is the cornerstone to great acting as well as job getting auditioning. This week you’ll continue the process of physical and emotional discovery to help you find the specific choices that truly represent what you and only you have to bring to the role.

Week 3: The technical aspects of auditioning take front and center. We’ll introduce a process that will help you uncover the secrets of the text, as well as how to find the correct rhythm and pacing for the scene, and most importantly, how to have honest, connected and dynamic reactions.

Week 4: Casting wants actors to fully “embody” the role. So on week 4, we’ll do fun and dynamic exercises that will help you tap into your creative energy and connect fully to your heart and body. This is the week where you’ll see tremendous growth in your emotional range.

Week 5: You’ll take your skill set into the audition room and learn the art of the perfectly calibrated adjustment. We’ll give you the tools to deliver under pressure and show the people in the room that you’re “set ready.” And for when you don’t get to be in the room, this is the week you’ll learn the art of the job getting self-tape.

Week 6: This week we’ll discuss all aspects of being at the audition and teach you how to be a strong, winning presence by giving you strategies for handling waiting room nerves, as well as the skills you’ll need to own your space in the audition room and run it with ease and confidence.

Weeks 7 & 8: These are the weeks we do mock auditions and put it all together. We’ll drill down on the parts of the process you specifically need to work on, so that you own the whole process in your body, mind and heart. And finally, you’ll feel how amazing it is to have a way of working that allows you just be and let your wonderful work flow from you into the room, with the ease and strength of the actor who truly belongs in the role.